Flexgrid is a next generation service provider that’s designed and optimised for the cloud era.

Our network is built using the latest generation of equipment to support the high-speed connectivity required to support both private and public clouds.

How it works

Our core infrastructure scales to multi-terabit throughput and we use non-blocking switch fabrics on our core network.


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Example of how a customer could use a 10G Circuit: 

  • 1G Cloud Optimised Internet
  • 1G Microsoft Azure Express Route (there is a cost from Microsoft for this, you don’t pay any more for the Flexgrid bandwidth)
  • 10M for SIP trunks (there is a cost for the SIP trunks, you don’t pay any more for the Flexgrid bandwidth)
  • 7.8G is left for site to site traffic to your other sites and data centres.


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Internet Of Things

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Carrier Connect

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